Basement Finishing

Basement Remodeling

Many people turn their basements into home offices.

In order to get more space, it can often be very prudent for homeowners to turn their basement into a new living space. A basement remodeling project can increase living space and the value of your home.

Map Out How You Will Redo Your Basement

In order to get the best results, set your sights on having a great remodeling plan. Remodels look different for everyone.

A Remodel Will Change The Physical and Underlying Elements

First, you must find any underlying issues. Are there continued issues with your home’s water flow? If you answered yes, have someone who specializes in these problems come take a look.

Where To Start With Basement Remodeling

Madison WI

Your end results will not be the same as other remodels because each home is unique. Consider this:

Your home, old or new, needs a sturdy base. Water problems may lead to you needing to do some work before you begin the remodel. Older homes don’t tend to have high enough ceiling for many modern ceiling fixtures. It may be necessary to find new ways to install fixtures if there is a low ceiling. Adding, removing, or relocating walls can greatly impact a basement remodel. Your basement contractor needs to know about all of the modifications you’d like to make.

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

This is Where Your Remodel Gets Exciting

Step two is to include all the options you want. The ideas that you have now will decide how expensive your reno will be and how the finished product will look. You should keep all of the above points in mind. Look closely at the following:

Ceiling – do you want a dropped, drywall or open one? Does the existing construction restrict what you can do?

Have you seen any new flooring options that you like?

Can you move walls to the locations that you’d like?

There are so many different types of lights, which would you like?

Is it necessary to add or move electrical outlets?

Do you have any of these things to think about?

A new bedroom in the basement – a “legal” bedroom in the basement will need a proper egress window to meet code requirements

Insulation that blocks out loud noise.

A home theater/surround sound, entertainment center

Special built-in cabinets

A wet bar/kitchenette

A fireplace

A bathroom or sauna

A playroom or exercise area

An office

Storage in unfinished space

Your remodel can be impacted by an egress window. An egress window, when properly installed, increases livable space and can be included for bedrooms, bathrooms or family rooms – safety codes require them for bedrooms.

Go With a Basement Remodeling Pro

Madison WI

Increasing usable space in your Madison home is as easy as remodeling your basement. We, at Sims Exteriors and Remodeling, can assist you in any way you’d like.

Contact us by phone or email for any of your basement remodeling needs.


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