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Dent Repair

When your paint has been damaged in addition to a dent, the conventional repair method is to pull to damaged part of the car as far over to the non-damaged part.

Conventional dent repair and paintless dent repair are often times confused.

Commonly, car owners just want the damage fixed. Of course, on the flip side, people also want their car to look perfect without spending a fortune.

To many people who have had the option of using a paintless dent repair process, the concept of just “popping” out a dent is an easy one. But sometimes that method is not an option…look below to see what determines how the dents can be removed.

First: There can be no scratches or chips in the dent’s paint. A broken finish in the paint can allow for rust in the future.

Two: The metal must be stretch free. There will be too much surface area to fit into the original contours of the panel with the dent. If the metal is pulled out too far the panel would actually have a lump.

How Much Dough are we Talking to Use the Conventional Method?

Middleton WI

It takes a lot of time and experience for someone to get the dents out using the conventioanl method. Some of the most important steps include –

Prepping the dented area where finish has been broken

Filling in dent

Matching the paint color

Applying a smooth finish

Having it dry perfectly

The time frame can take days – not just hours or minutes

The conventional method is much more expensive. The damage you car has will be the deciding factor in the cost of the dent repairs.

Avoiding Conventional Dent Repair Expense

Your car may be a candidate for the paintless (less expensive) method if certain requirements are met. Most importantly, it maintains the vehicle’s original finish. The process requires a technician to:

Remove surrounding panels allowing access to the back of a dent

Use specialized tools to sculpt metal into its original form from behind

If you want to learn more about getting your dents fixed, either one of our Wisconsin locations will be more than qualifid to assist you.

Dent Removal Madison, WI

– We have a Middleton shop and a shop on the corner of Stoughton Road.


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