Finding the Best Boarding Facility for Your Pet

Thinking about putting your dog into daycare? There are certain things that can help you pick the best daycare center for you dog. Take a look at the list below:

How Did You Feel Upon First Arriving?

When you first walk in, note whether the dog area is dirty or clean. This area should be ventilated very well. The yard designated for puppy play should have fresh water and provide some shade. There also should be little to no amount of waste in the yard. What is the policy on touring the property? There are two schools of thought on this issue. When cleaniness and safety are very important, you definitely want to check out every part of the doggy daycare. Tours may be allowed only at certain times. Some facilities only allow tours by appointment either before or after daycare hours to keep the stress level down for the dogs. Consider the excitement brought onto your pup by an unexpected visitor; a doggy daycare may be full of over 12 dogs, it important to respect the dogs’ needs. Visitors can also pose a security risk for the dogs, so be sure to call the facility and ask about tours before showing up!

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Stimulation and Calm Time

Pups need time to take it easy when they have had a lot of play time. Does the center you are looking at have enough rest space? Is there a certain time for the pooches to relax? Pups can get grouchy just like kids do when they don’t get a nap. That’s why, even when they’re having a wonderful time, they still need to rest.


A good boarding facility offers a staff who is well trained in taking care of canines and who loves dogs. Check out the interactions between the staff and the dogs present. Is your dog happy to see the staff upon his return to the daycare?A happy pup is the best indication of a good daycare worker.Staff needs to be able to find the minor issues that can turn into larger issues if they are not resolved quickly. You want to know that the staff can handle these situations, as well as recognize when a dog is over-tired and needing a break, or if he is sick or hurt.

Does the potential center offer a dog to staff ratio that you are comfortable with? Will your dog be provided with enough supervision during playtime?


The variations for creating doggy play groups are endless. It is important that you are happy with the way play groups are run. It is also important to know that you can voice your concern if you are not content with how staff memebers conduct the play groups.


Screening is important for all boarding facilities: they may be as simple as asking for a vaccination record, but they need some sort of process. It is something you should expect when signing your dog up because it can give you a piece of mind knowing that your pup will be safe around other dogs who have been screened.


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