For A New Looking Basement in Madison?

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Since homes don’t always come with an office, a basement is a great way to get that extra work space.

Basement remodeling represents an efficient opportunity for home owners in Madison WI to expand and enhance their living area. By tackling a basement remodel, you may be able to ask more for your home in the future.

Map Out How You Will Redo Your Basement

To get the most from the basement remodeling project, concentrate on the planning stage. Basement remodeling may mean starting from scratch, finishing something already started or updating a current space.

Transform Your Basement With A Remodel

First, you must find any underlying issues. Have you noticed any problems with plumbing? Have any water problems fixed before entering a huge remodeling project.

The Initial Steps of Your Basement Remodel

Basement Remodeling

Every Madison WI home has unique characteristics that can influence the final basement remodeling plan. Consider this:

Make sure you have a solid foundation. If there are water issues, tiling and other preparation may be required and should be completed before any work begins in the basement. There are some kinds of lighting that won’t work in older homes. A remodel can be complicated by lower duct work because of low ceilings. Adding, removing, or relocating walls can greatly impact a basement remodel. Your basement contractor needs to know about all of the modifications you’d like to make.



The Fun Part of Basement Remodeling

Next you want to get the exact finishes that you want. Any of these basement remodeling ideas can have a huge impact on the character and cost of your basement remodeling project. They should be considered in concert with you previous concerns. Consider these aspects:

What can and can’t you change about your ceiling?

Have you seen any new flooring options that you like?

Walls – do you want any removed or added? Again, what restrictions does current construction impose?

There are so many different types of lights, which would you like?

Is it necessary to add or move electrical outlets?

Finally, you need to take care of small details.

A new bedroom in the basement – a “legal” bedroom in the basement will need a proper egress window to meet code requirements

Soundproof insulation

Fireplace, wet bar or small kitchen, home theater

Your remodel can be impacted by an egress window. Correctly installed egress windows add more usable space to a basement.

Use a Professional for your Remodel

Madison WI

Remodeling the basement of your home in Madison is a great way to get more space in your home. Sims Exteriors and Remodeling can help you define what changes make sense.

Contact us by phone or email for any of your basement remodeling needs.


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