Holiday Decoration Self-Storage


Typically, holiday decorations take up a lot of space when they aren’t in use, so why not keep them in a storage facility?

Self-storage is a great way to keep your holiday decorations fresh and like new each and every year.

Make the decision to take your decorations to a self-storage facility as soon as you take them down. Self-storage units with extra space and shelves are perfect for your holiday decorations. By puttng your holiday decorations in a storage facility, you are lengthening their total life.

It’s common for homeowners to not have enough space for their decorations. At any of our self-storage locations, we, at A Storage offer several different types of storage. At A , we have a number of fairly priced storage options to help you save space in your home. It costs less to use self-storage than adding a storage space to your home.

Storage Units


If your belongings aren’t stored correctly, they can be ruined.

How to Organize Decorations in Self-Storage

With shelves available, you can easily keep everything you have organized in your self-storage unit. Keep in mind, when storing your holiday decorations, don’t forget to –

First you want to label everything, then put the biggest boxes down so you have a sturdy base, and you need to keep your most frequently used items up front.

In order to find everything without hassle, keep your unit tidy. The less searching and jostling around you do, the better you holiday decorations will keep. So that you will be able to move through your unit, place boxes along the wall neatly.

Holiday Decoration Self-Storage

Sun Prairie

If you have other items to keep but little space in your home, you can keep them in your storage unit as well.

Using A Storage of Madison, Sun Prairie and DeForest for self-storage of holiday decorations opens up your home for daily living. You will have extra space in closets, your attic and your garage.

The possibilities for storage are endless at A Storage. We are available for storage in areas including Fitchburg, Monona, Cottage Grove, and many more.


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