How to Choose the Best Doggy Daycare

Thinking about putting your dog into daycare? There are certain things that can help you pick the best daycare center for you dog. Take a look at the list below:

Initial Feelings

The office should be well-organized, but even more importantly, the actual dog care areas should be clean and well-ventilated. There are some standards that must be met in the yard such as a fresh water supply, no feces in the play area, and some shade so they can cool off when it gets hot. What is the policy on touring the property? There are a couple ways this topic can be handled. When cleaniness and safety are very important, you definitely want to check out every part of the doggy daycare. In order to keep all of the four-legged guests calm, it may be necessary to make an appointment to tour the daycare. Imagine how excited your dog gets when a visitor comes to your door. Now, imagine a dozen or more dogs getting excited every time someone comes to tour the facility where they are playing. Any doggy daycare center would be happy to set up a time for any potential customers to tour. This will keep the stress level down for all parties involved.

Pet Boarding

Rest and Play

Pups need time to take it easy when they have had a lot of play time. Will your dog have a good space to relax in the potential facility? Is there a certain time for the pooches to relax? Your dog needs to rest even if they’re having loads of fun because, just like a cranky little tot, they need time to calm down after a long day of play.


Does the daycare staff love your dog as much as you do? It is important to have an affectionate, well-trained staff in a daycare situation. In order to decide whether the staff will take care of your dog cprrectly, watch how the dogs act around them.The dogs are most likely getting the attention needed if they are happy when the staff member comes back.Because the environment can get stressful when altercations occur, it’s necessary to employees to understand how to extinguish those problems quickly. Staff should be able to see when a dog needs rest or when it is about to get stressful.

Are you happy with the number of staff members the facility has per dog?


The variations for creating doggy play groups are endless. If you are not satisfied with the way the playgroups are handled, ask if they would be willing to make changes to their policy.


All doggy daycares should have a set of standards that a dog must meet in order to stay at the facility. A lot of times these things include certain vaccinations or tempermants, as well as past health issues. Screening is something you should expect of a daycare, as it can help ensure that your dog has the best, safest daycare experience possible.


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