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Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd is a West Midlands-based company that specializes in aluminum metal finishing www.badgeranodising.co.uk/services/metal-polishing-finishing/. While the company primarily deals with aluminum metal, it also does metal finishing for other types of metals. Clients with different polishing needs for different types of metals can work with the company to produce the best results.

Anodizing is a chemical process used to enhance the aesthetic appeal, hardness and corrosion resistance of aluminum products. It involves immersing the product in a chemical bath and running direct current through the aluminum www.badgeranodising.co.uk/services/anodising-and-coloured-anodising/ like this previous page. The product is connected to the positive terminal of the DC power source while the negative is connected to the metal container which acts as the cathode. The current causes aluminum oxide to be deposited onto the surface of the product.

Aluminum oxide is one of the hardest materials known to man. It has a very high melting point and its resistance to corrosion cannot be matched by any other material. Anodizing is meant to give aluminum products these characteristics. Polished steel normally has a luster that most people like to see in their vehicles and homes among other structures that may have metallic products.

After using anodized products for some time, they often lose their aesthetic appeal because dirt, dust and other contaminants in the air settle on their surfaces. In order to restore that appeal, polishing is normally done. A polished metal is smoother and much more beautiful than metals which are not. Polishing is therefore a very important process that many industries rely on.

One important service that you can get from Badger Anodizing is colored anodizing. After the anodizing process, the metal is removed from the chemical bath and dipped into a solution of the desired dye. After some time, the oxide layer will absorb the dye as it hardens. The final result is a magnificent-looking aluminum product.

Examples of services offered by the company include chemical brightening, etching, chrome finishing, anodizing and color anodizing among others. The firm has a plant that can handle products of different sizes. They include long items as well as short and small-sized products like nuts and bolts. Badger Anodizing has developed a reputation of offering custom services that most companies are known to never turn down such as their new bead blasting machine www.badgeranodising.co.uk/services/bead-blasting/.

Anodizing makes it possible for builders and manufacturers to come up with products that have the allure of hardened and polished steel but with several color options. The main advantage of using aluminum is that it is very light and has a very high resistance to temperature. Aluminum can also be recycled cost effectively when need be.

Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd has grown significantly since its establishment. This growth can be attributed primarily to unique services that are offered by the company. For all your anodizing and polishing needs, you may want to consider contacting Badger Anodizing for quality services. The best thing about the company is that its services are cost effective. You can have work done according to your instructions at a fraction of the price charged by other companies.


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