Madison, WI Basement Remodels

Basement Remodeling

Many people turn their basements into home offices.

Basement remodeling represents an efficient opportunity for home owners in Madison WI to expand and enhance their living area. By adding an extra living area to your home, you can add value to your house.

You Need A Plan To Remodel Your Basement

Planning out what you want is the best way to get the results that you want. Whether you start from nothing or work on something that already exists, your basement can be remodeled.

A Remodel Will Change The Physical and Underlying Elements

The first thing Madison WI homeowners need to evaluate is the potential – or existence – of water issues or dampness in the basement. Have you had any unwanted moisture?Do this moisture continue to build up? Have any water problems fixed before entering a huge remodeling project.

Where To Start With Basement Remodeling

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

Your basement remodel will be influenced by the unique aspects of your home. Consider this:

Older homes tend to have a less sturdy foundation. Water problems may lead to you needing to do some work before you begin the remodel. Older homes don’t tend to have high enough ceiling for many modern ceiling fixtures. Lower ceilings can dictate the type of existing duct work and can lead to re-routing to accommodate new additions during basement remodeling. Adding, removing, or relocating walls can greatly impact a basement remodel. Make a list to review with your professional basement remodeling contractor.


The Fun Part of Basement Remodeling

Step two is to include all the options you want. All of your choices will determine your final price and the look of your basement. They should be considered in concert with you previous concerns. Consider these aspects:

Can you do what you want with your ceiling?

Have you seen any new flooring options that you like?

What considerations do you have to have regarding your walls?

Lights – there are dozens of lighting options, have you reviewed what’s available and what can work in your location?

Do you need more outlets than are already present?

Finally, you need to take care of small details.

There are certain standards that must be met according to the law, such as an egress window in a basement bedroom.

Insulation that blocks out loud noise.

Built-ins, bathroom, home gym, home office

Your remodel can be impacted by an egress window. An egress window, when properly installed, increases livable space and can be included for bedrooms, bathrooms or family rooms – safety codes require them for bedrooms.

Use a Professional for your Remodel

Sims Exteriors and Remodeling

Remodeling the basement of your home in Madison is a great way to get more space in your home. We, at Sims Exteriors and Remodeling, can assist you in any way you’d like.

As a leading remodeling company in Madison, we are the right people to call for any help you may want or need to remodel your basement.


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