Stop Eyeing The Neighbor’s Patio, and Get Your Own

Madison Wisconsin Springs give people with patio pavers something to look forward to. Wisconsinites want to start enjoying warmer temperatures as soon as they possibly can and patio pavers can pave the way to an awesome start to summer.

Winter is the perfect time to plan out your dream patio. You don’t have to worry about a long wait when you begin the project ahead of time. The wait time for new patio pavers can be anywhere between one and four months, and sometimes more.

Installing Patio Pavers In Fall Is Healthier In Multiple Ways

Proscappes LLC

You can transform your outdoor space by adding pavers in the Fall.

Normally adding pavers to your patio can help other aspects of your landscape. Plants seem to grow better when they are planted in the fall. Fall is a great time to begin your gardening because the plants tend to thrive. Plants become stronger at the base when the temperature drops.

Patio Pavers Make A Great Christmas Gift

We’ve had customers complete their patios in fall and still use them for cookouts, enjoy their fire pits and grills and have tailgate parties as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations.

A completed patio is fun any time of the year, but if you wait until spring, you may not be able to control the timing of when your patio is actually completed. Since we have more free time in the Fall, Proscapes often offers good deals on paver installation.

When To Use Pavers

Outdoor Fireplaces, Living Rooms, and Kitchen

Pathways for walking


Decks for Swimming Pools

Selecting The Right Company For The Job

It can be tricky to find the best paving contractor. Because the work is usually at a private residence, actually seeing the finished product can be tough to accomplish. Of course, testimonials are always glowing when presented by the paving contractor. Follow these guidelines to find the right contractor for you.

There should be a lenghthy waranty of 3 years or so on the paving projects. This will ensure that there is a solid foundation underneath. It is an area where corners can (and will) be cut. The shorter the warranty, the more likely the contractor is admitting they are cutting corners.

You need to make sure they use plenty of gravel underneath.

Is the base compacted right? This is important so that a washout does not occur.

Improper drainage can ruin your patio as time passes.

Our landscaping expertise will help you get more enjoyment from your home and yard. We offer service in Middleton, Oregon, and all of Dane County.


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