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Sump pump maintenance is not exciting. But, when you consider functioning properly sump pumps can save you thousands of dollars in water damage, excitement is not the issue.

A lot of people forget that too much water coming into an unwanted place too fast, can cause some big problems in your home. Your walls, floors, furniture, and more would be facing damage if your pump ever gave out. On the flip side, you may not even realize there’s any water damage until way later. What you may face if this happens, is the growth of bacteria and mold…very bad to have in your home.

Why Sump Pumps Need Maintenance

Sump pumps are basic machines and do not often require much maintenance. If your sump pump was working last season and has been reliable in general, there are only a couple of things for you to be aware of –

Dry motors can seize – pumps are made to be used. Sitting through a “dry” winter, where there are no thaws, sump pump components become dry and stiff.

Gummy components can stick – portions of sump pumps do sit under water even during periods of non-use. The motor has a tough time getting going when it sits for a long time because susbstances in the water can stick to the pump and make it gummy.

Sump Pump Failure Is Bad News In Waukesha WI

Whatever situation causes a sump pump to not do its job is bad news. The good news is that while all mechanical devices will fail at some point, there are things you can do to extend your sump pumps life.

Sump Pump Maintenance Options

Using these guideline frequently (3-4 times annualy) will extend the life of your pump.

Vinegar is a great substance to run through your pump. The homeowner can use the vinegar solution to get rid of the residue in the pump.

Check to be sure the float switch on the pump is not restricted. A restricted float switch will keep your sump pump from automatically engaging and can allow a flood to occur.

Clean vents and air holes will assist in keeping your pump running as it should.

Sump pumps need to be taken care of, so it’s a good thing it’s an easy job. You will be able to avoid big time damage and a lot of dollars, by maintaining your sump pump just as you do the rest of your home.

We are the people to call when it comes to lengthening the lifespand of your pump.

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