Which Doggy Daycare is the Best Fit for You and Your Pup?

Thinking about putting your dog into daycare? Wondering what you should look for when choosing the right daycare for your beloved pooch? Here are a few things to consider:

Initial Feelings

You should not see a super messy and unorganized office when you walk in. The office space, along with the actual play and sleep area for the dogs should be well kept and airy. The yard designated for puppy play should have fresh water and provide some shade. There also should be little to no amount of waste in the yard. Can you check out the center? There are a couple ways this topic can be handled. When cleaniness and safety are very important, you definitely want to check out every part of the doggy daycare. Tours may be allowed only at certain times. Some facilities only allow tours by appointment either before or after daycare hours to keep the stress level down for the dogs. Just as one dog can get extremely excited when one person shows up, it can get very stressful for several pups to be surprised with an unexpected visitor. Any doggy daycare center would be happy to set up a time for any potential customers to tour. This will keep the stress level down for all parties involved.

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Stimulation and Calm Time

When the dogs have been out playing with their furry friends all day, they need some time to rest so they don’t become over stimulated. Will your dog have a good space to relax in the potential facility? There should be certain time frames that are set aside for resting. Your dog needs to rest even if they’re having loads of fun because, just like a cranky little tot, they need time to calm down after a long day of play.


You want whoever is watching your pup to care for your dog just like you do. They need to be trained and loving in order to perform their job correctly. In order to decide whether the staff will take care of your dog cprrectly, watch how the dogs act around them.Upon arrival, if the dog seems happy to see the employee, they are probably doing their job correctly. It is important to have an attentive staff so that minor disagreements between friends don’t turn into major arguments, with the potential to cause injury or stress. Employees at a doggy daycare facility should know how to diffuse stressful situations, acknowlege when a dog needs a break, and also if a pup is hurting or ill.

Does the potential center offer a dog to staff ratio that you are comfortable with? Will your dog be provided with enough supervision during playtime?


Playgroups can be determined in a number of ways. It is important that you are happy with the way play groups are run. It is also important to know that you can voice your concern if you are not content with how staff memebers conduct the play groups.


It is very common for these establishments to have a vetting process. A normal screening would include vet records and a word on the dog’s temperment. Screening is something you should expect of a daycare, as it can help ensure that your dog has the best, safest daycare experience possible.


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