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landscape 5Winter is has begun and another year has come and gone. In the start of the growing season a lot of us make new years resolutions with the intent of reaching an objective or finishing a task. For that homeowner this resolution might be as easy as upgrading features within their yard or facing the task of creating their landscape from scratch. Now is the time to start the design process as spring will be quickly upon us.

A correctly planned design might help accelerate and simplify your landscape project when the time arrives. To begin the design process it is necessary to have or create a sketch of the area being worked on. For large projects involving the entire yard, it is helpful to have the full site plan of the property. Having a scaled drawing of the site you are working with will enhance the project. Don’t forget to mark the directions on the site map. To help identify planting zones later, mark your site map with a north arrow.

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landscape 6Once the project area has been defined with an accurate sketch of the site created the fun can begin. The first step in creating the design is knowing what you want and understanding what is realistic for your area. There are wonderful plants for each climate area. Checking with local nurseries will help you to choose the best plants for your climate region. Once you have selected a style or theme begin drawing on your plan.

Whatever you decide, enjoy the process of creating and designing what you are creating in your yard and the various plants that will make your landscape ideal.


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